Add/Edit a Poetry Venue

The poetry venue directory is the backbone of SlamFind. A few things to know:

1) This directory is for regularly occuring poetry events, not one-time shows.

2) If you can't find your favorite event in our database or the info isn't up to date, don't fret... just add/edit it right here! We'll review your submission and make the proper update(s) within 24-48 hours.

3) All entries are cross-checked and verified to the best of our abilities, but always reach out to a venue before attending to make sure the schedule listed here is accurate. Some venues take off for holidays or other random occurances that may not be reflected here, so always double check with the event before showing up!

4) If your venue does not have an up-to-date web presence or other way to verify its existance, it will not be added to our directory. 

5) Find live poetry, attend live shows, build community, have fun!


Ex. "Every Tuesday" or "1st & 3rd Fridays"
Anything else someone should know about the event before showing up
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