SlamFind is a mobile app featuring every poetry slam & poetry-friendly open mic in North America (eventually, the world). With SlamFind, poetry fans can connect with live poetry events in their area, discover new favorite poets from all over the globe, watch HD performance videos, listen to poetry on-the-go ...anytime/anywhere... and more!

Digital NACA


Digital NACA

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Imagine a NACA showcase, except instead of paying $5,000+ to fly your team to Chattanooga TN to see a few good acts to not book onsite and take their promotional materials back to your campus to convene with the rest of your crew and watch videos to figure out who to book amongst yourselves anyway, you instead pay a mere $150 (and receive a $150 credit!) to watch a livestream of 8 amazing acts, live chat with their management team the same as you would in the booth, and book. Everyone saves thousands of dollars to get the same product in BASICALLY the same way you would have anyway. Jesus Christ!!

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This is literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s the best thing since sliced bread, and I LOVE bread!
— -Maya Angelou
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